Major Project Chapter 3 – Igor’s Cousin: 256

This week I have been following this tutorial which Mick recommended to set up my own server on the University’s network. I have been successful in setting up my own stack on top of Ubuntu 16 and serving HTML via Python and MongoDB, this is all very exciting. When I run the server via terminal, it can be found here.

The next step is to fill up a Mongo database with music releases from CritiqueBrainz. This way I can utilise cosine similarity of the reviews using a pre-trained model (with rich semantic knowledge), and thus create a good one-dimensional semantic data space, and can then begin to serve recommendations based on distance in this dimension (a line of similarity). In the future, if this method proves successful, I can enrich the amount of data available by utilising Beautiful Soup to scrape Allmusic reviews.

And so concludes Chapter 2 of our story. We will now travel to other worlds and dimensions on our Python.


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